Randall H. McGuire

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Randall McGuire, Professor of Anthropology at Binghamton University, is an archaeologist whose principal interests lie in the development of power relations in the past. He has carried out most of his field work in the US Southwest, and currently is conducting a long-term field project in northwest Mexico. He has also done historical archaeology and oral history research in the northeastern U.S.


  • Ph.D. in Anthropology from University of Arizona, 1982
  • M.A. in Anthropology from University of Arizona, 1978
  • B.A. in Anthropology from University of Texas at Austin, 1974

Research Focus

He currently has a project investigating the 1913-1914 coal strike in southern Colorado, but he has also conducted historical archaeology and oral history research in the northeastern U.S. His focus on political economy is rooted in Marxism and applying this perspective to he study of political actions in he archaeological record.  His theoretical interest are with Marxist dialectical approaches and points out how archaeologists can use their craft to evaluate interpretations of the real world and challenge the constant “hand me downs” of colonialism and class struggle.

Current Research Interest

Social Theory, Northern Mexico, Southwestern Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Ethnohistory, Cultural
Resource Management, Archaeomagnetic dating, Inequality and Stratification, Households Research.

Selected Publications


2008 Archaeology as Political Action. University of California Press, Berkeley.

2002 A Marxist Archaeology. Percheron Press, Clinton Corners (Reissue of McGuire 1992)

1992 A Marxist Archaeology. Academic Press, Orlando.

1992 Death, Society, and Ideology in a Hohokam Community.  Westview Press,
Boulder. (A revised version of McGuire 1987, ASU, OCRM 69).

1992 The Ethnology of the Indians of Northwest Mexico. Garland Press, NY, (editor)

1991  The Archaeology of Inequality, Basil Blackwell, Oxford

1986 Ripples in the Chichimec Sea: New Considerations of Southwestern-Mesoamerican Interactions. Southern Illinois
Univ. Press, Carbondale

1982  Hohokam and Patayan:  The Prehistory of Southwestern Arizona, Academic Press.  New York.


In press   Excavations at Cerro de Trincheras. in Enduring Borderlands Traditions: Trincheras Sites In Time,
Space, And Society. Ed. By Fish, Fish, and Villalpando. University of Arizona Press.

2007   Llegint I Malinterpretant V. Gordon Childe a l’America del Nord. Cota Zero: Revista D’arqueologia I Ciència 22:32-43.

2004  Contested Pasts: Archaeology and Native Americans. In A Companion to Social Archaeology. Ed. By L. Meskell & R. W. Preucel, pp. 374-395, Blackwell Publishing, Oxford.

2004     Between Motorcycles and Rifles: Anglo-American and Latin American Radical Archaeologies. In Global Archaeological Theory. Ed by. P. Funari, A. Zarankin, and E. Stoval, pp. 309-336, Routledge, London.

2003     Building a Working Class Archaeology: The Colorado Coal Field War Project. Industrial Archaeology Review 25(2):83-95.

2003     The Meanings and Limits of the Southwest/Northwest: A Perspective from Northern Mexico. In Boundaries and Territories: The Archaeology of the Southwest Northwest. Anthropological Research Papers #54, ed. by E.
Villalpando & J. Carpenter, pp. 173-183, Arizona State University, Tempe.

2002  The Unromantic West:Labor, Capital, and Struggle. Historical Archaeology 36(3):44-58

2002    Putting the Social Back Into Socialism. Cambridge Archaeological Journal 12(1):142-144.

2002    Stories of Power, Powerful Tales: A Commentary on Ancient Pueblo Violence. In The Dynamics of Power. ed. by Maria O’Donovan, pp. 126-150,Center for Archaeological Investigations, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

2002   The Colorado Coal Field War Archaeology Project. The SAA Archaeological Record 2(2):21-23.

2001    Ideologies of Death and Power in the Hohokam Community of La Ciudad. In Ancient Burial Practices in the American Southwest. Ed. By D.R. Mitchell & J.L.Brunson-Hadley, pp.27-44, University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque.

2001   History, Contingency, and Process: Ways of Thinking About the Past. In Examining the Course of Southwest Archaeology: The Durango Conference, September 1995. Ed. By D. A. Phillips & L. Sebastian, pp.11-18. New Mexico Archaeological Council Special Publication 3, Albuquerque.

2001    Archaeology of the Colorado Coal Field War, 1913-1914. In Archaeologies of the Contemporary Past. Ed. By V. Buchli & G. Lucas, pp. 94-107, Routledge, London.

2000   Colorado Coal Field War Project Annual Editions: Archaeology 01/02, Dushkin, McGraw-Hill, Sluice Dock, (Reprint of McGuire, Saitta, & Duke 1998)

2000   The Craft of Archaeology. In Interpretive Archaeology: A Reader, ed. by J. Thomas, pp.56-70, Leicester University Press, London. (Reprint of Shaks and McGuire 1996)

2000   Working Together on the Border. In Working Together: Native Americans & Archaeologists. ed. by K.E. Dongoske, M. Aldenderfer, & K. Doehner, pp. 175-180, Society for American Archaeology, Washington (Revised version of McGuire 1995, SAA Bulletin 13(5):8-9)

2000   Building Power in the Cultural Landscape of Broome County, New York, 1880-1940. In Interpretive Archaeology: A Reader, ed. by J. Thomas, pp.228-245, Leicester University Press, London. (Reprint of McGuire 1991)

2000   Changing Perceptions of Regional Interaction in the Southwest. In The Archaeology of Regional Interactions in the American Southwest. Pp. 1-24, University of Colorado Press, Boulder

1999   Class Confrontations in Archaeology. Historical Archaeology 33(1)159-183.

1994  Do the Right Thing. in Reckoning With the Dead.  ed. by Tamara Bray, pp. 180-184, Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, D.C.

1992  Archaeology and the First Americans. American Anthropologist, 94(4):816-36.


November 2002  McGraw-Hill AAA Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching of Anthropology
May 1997 Binghamton University Award for Excellence in Research.
May 1994 Binghamton University, Educational Opportunity Program, Faculty Staff Recognition Award
Fall 1992 State University of New York, Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching
Fall 1992 Binghamton University Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching

Contact Information

Randall H. McGuire
Department of Anthropology
State University of New York
Binghamton, New York 13902-6000
(607) 777-2906 (office)
(607) 777-2477 (fax)
email: rmcguire@binghamton.edu


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